Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is extremely important to Glow Virtual Assistants and the projects below, which we are proud to support, provide ways of us being able to give back to the business community and local causes.

Mums Empowerment Movement

Mums Empowerment Movement (MEM) main mission is to provide a platform where mums can share their experiences and be their true selves without judgement, while signposting mothers to other organisations to help with their specific problems related to family and motherhood.

Negative mental health and isolation are common amongst mums in the UK, therefore providing both an online and offline platform for mums to come together and gain the support they need also helps to minimise these experiences.

MEM also runs events and you can find out more on the website.

HER Business Revolution

HER Business Revolution is a community that aims to help and support women in business.

HER Business Revolution provides Business Strategies, Support, Networking, Training and Empowerment for Passionate and Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs and Women in Business.

Find our more about HER Business Revolution


SociaBubble is an initiative which connects businesses with their potential customers in exchange for a charitable donation.

The scheme launched in October 2016, and involves small businesses pledging their products or services in exchange for a charitable donation.

The scheme aims to help local businesses connect, communicate and grow, while donating to local worthy causes, and it has now grown to benefit businesses across the United Kingdom.

Find out more about SociaBubble