Getting organised for Summer!

Are you and your business ready for Summer? If not, these top tips may help!

For businesses, the Summer months usually see a general slowdown; with drops in productivity, reduced attendance (employees and customers) and increased time to deliver projects.

So, it’s useful to ensure that our businesses are organised and prepared for what the Summer might throw at us.

But let’s not over think this, having some decent Summer weather is super important, so that we can all chill-out and recharge our batteries!

Challenges and opportunities

Whilst the summer months may bring some challenges to your business, they also offer great opportunities.  Summer quite often sees a business slow down and that time can be used to your advantage.

Here are some top tips to help you organise your business for the Summer and some great suggestions for making the most of the good weather.

1. Plan for Summer – Why not plan ahead for the Summer months so that there aren’t any surprises? Particularly, take time out to consider your staffing needs, after all your staff and your customers will be taking some well-deserved time-off.  Planning ahead will ensure this doesn’t affect the smooth running of your business.

Also, don’t forget, help yourself to plan and prioritise all of your activities by creating and maintaining a ‘to do list’ – planning made simple!

2. Productivity drops – Still on the planning theme, projects can take longer during the Summer, so bear this in mind when agreeing to delivery timescales.

3. Use the quiet time to take stock of things – What went well? What didn’t? Take some timeout to review and tweak things for next time.

4. Launch a thank you campaign – You can turn Summer into a season of appreciation. Send a note, take clients out to lunch or just call them to simply say “thank you”.  Everyone is busy these days, so taking time to show you care and appreciate your customers and clients goes a long way!

5. Offer Summer promotions – Summer sales and special offers can be successful promotions, so consider offering a special limited-time Summer promotion or discount. If the promotion succeeds in generating new or increased business, you can tweak and repeat the same campaign during the Winter holidays too!

6. Have meetings in person and make the most of the warm days Ah…..Summer…..the days are longer, the weather is great, and people are more social. Technology has enhanced our ability to stay connected all year, from anywhere and everywhere, but it’s still good to meet in person.

Summer is the perfect time to catch up face-to-face with contacts, colleagues and prospects, especially outside!  The options are endless.  Grab a drink, have lunch al fresco, or simply go for a walk.  You’ll get outdoors, enjoy the Summer weather, and build your business in the process!

7. Host a party or barbecue for clients – Everyone loves a great party, so why not celebrate Summer by hosting an event? Any kind of open house or get together will be fun and a great way to thank and celebrate your customers.

8. Don’t forget your team – Summer is also a great time to host an event for your team. Get your team to bond and know they are appreciated by taking them to a fun event off-site.  Rounders and a barbecue anyone?!

 …And just in case you thought we had forgotten, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING….

9. TAKE TIME FOR YOU! – You need to take a holiday to reward yourself for all your hard work! So, pack your case, dust off the passport, and hop a plane!

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