How to have more fun with your business!

Let’s face it, it’s very easy to get caught up in your business, especially at the start when you are working long hours to make it work and become profitable.

It can be hard to step back and really have fun in your business.

Being your own boss allows you to shape your business how you want it to be, and as a fun business is one that’s going to be something you look forward to working at daily, elements of fun and excitement are fundamental and should be built in to your business.

After all, we’re all more likely to spend time on things we enjoy!

Do you consider your business fun?  Could you add some more fun to your business?

Let’s look at a few suggestions for how to go about putting the fun into your business:

  • Make sure you love what you have to offer – You must be in a business that you personally enjoy and can make a difference in.  Otherwise, it’ll be hard to be excited about what you’re doing.
  • Make sure to take time out – Whilst achieving your goals is important, enjoying life is too. Consider reserving regular diary time for family trips, or just so that you can spend some quality you-time!
  • Celebrate ALL wins – You should make a point of rewarding your achievements, whether it’s just a pat on the back to say well done, but preferably with a celebration (and possibly wine!)
  • Remember people love you for who you are – Be yourself as much as your business model allows it. For example, if you have children, you don’t have to shut them out of the office. Clients should respect you for who you are, your family, and values; so be yourself!
  • Concentrate on what you like – Do you hate doing the administration or accounts? Outsource it.  The whole point of your business is to do what you enjoy! ( can offer guidance of what you could outsource).
  • Have a weekly ritual where you celebrate(Yes, more celebration!)  Celebrate what you achieved during the last week, before planning the new week.  It takes the stress off the never ending to do list, and recognises all the great stuff you did last week.
  • Don’t forget, whilst you may not have a regular salary to rely on, you are the one out there blazing a trail, doing your own thing – You are pretty special, so enjoy that feeling!  You could even list out those things you do in your business that have no obvious monetary value, but still add value to your life.
  • Find a group of other business owners to meet with – Share ideas and network whilst having fun!  ( is fun and friendly networking for Norfolk women!)  But it doesn’t have to be a formal group; just having coffee with someone who really gets what you’re doing can feel incredible and spark new ideas and opportunities.
  • Aim for excellence, not perfection – Don’t stress out about it!  Often we stress ourselves out about our businesses because we’re so focused on trying to make everything perfect.
  • Run fun campaigns that make people smile – Run campaigns or competitions that your customers will love, and show others that you appreciate their custom.
  • Host regular events – Celebrate a big business milestone, or the past achievements of your clients, by hosting a formal or informal event. This will allow you to interact with your current and potential customers face-to-face and also spark some lead conversations and open doors on new opportunities.  You can even promote your event on social media or through other media channels to create focus on your business!

…Building your business can be hard work and more of a challenge than fun at times, however off-loading the less fun tasks can create the opportunity to add more spice to encourage your business to be both fun and successful!

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