How to ensure you are the ‘GO TO’ girl/boy in your industry

Today it seems that no matter what industry you’re in, your competition is stronger than ever.

Anything that helps to give you the edge makes sense, right?

 So, how do you stand out from the crowd and get that sale?

How do you get the attention in an ever-growing sea of noise, when customers are so often swayed by price rather than quality?

Let’s take a look at a few of the main attributes, which can give you the ‘go to’ status:

1. Be the expert

Perhaps the most important aspect is to become recognised as an expert in your industry; someone other people seek out for information and advice (a.k.a the ‘go to’ person!)

These are people that we learn from, but also whom we would buy from, because we trust their knowledge and expertise.

Being an expert in your field helps you in a number of ways:

  • To establish yourself as an industry leader,
  • To become a trusted resource for information
  • In being able to help others
  • Getting interviews, media coverage and free exposure
  • Gain marketing access, for example, through conference speaking invitations
  • Gives the opportunity to convert prospects into actual sales

But as the expert in your industry, you need to:

  • Keep up to date – no matter how much you know; content and ideas are changing. Technology evolves, regulation changes, ideas shift, and people try new things. Therefore, keeping up to date means that the knowledge you have to share is current and valuable.
  • Share your knowledge – by sharing your knowledge with others, you’ll quickly become known for your expertise. This can translate into sales, job offers or other opportunities, as you build your personal brand as an expert.  Making effective use of Blogs, Social Media sites and video are some ways you can share what you know.  Also, don’t forget to utilise industry conferences, trade shows, and user group meetings to spread your knowledge and personal brand.
  • Offer consulting services – share your knowledge and make a few pounds!

 2. Be prepared

‘Go to’ people always take the time to complete good preparation, which demonstrates their professionalism and that they know their stuff!  Always take the time to prepare; don’t go into a meeting with an existing or potential client without some preparation, including any questions you may have.

 3. Be a listener

‘Go to’ people listen.  It’s easy to jump to conclusions or try to present an instant solution, therefore try to sit back and take notes before offering an answer – you will be respected for it!

4. Ask questions

‘Go to’ people will use questioning to ensure they understand.  Even after you’re given the full rundown, don’t hesitate to push for more details with definitive questions.

If you get vague responses, counter them with more specific questions to avoid having to do the guesswork.

5. Be organised

‘Go to’ people are extremely organised in how they conduct their businesses.  It has been proven that being organised and methodical leads to better success.

If you struggle to remain organised then seek help from freelances, or outsource some of your work to get you on track.

6. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong

Admitting you are wrong is not a sign of weakness; it shows you’re accountable.

Address the issue, and make sure you know the best practice when moving forwards.

7. Be confident

Last but not at all least, ‘go to’ people are confident, and don’t reframe from acting insecure or stressed out in difficult situations.

So, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and others will believe in you and what you do too! 

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