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If business administration such as filing, database input, typing and template/document creation, always seems to pile up and get in the way of running your business, or you really dislike all those small admin jobs, VAs can complete these tasks to free up your time for more meaningful work in your business.  They can work virtually or from your premises. 


Bookkeeping can be complicated, time-consuming and tedious.  With software, invoice/expense inputting and bank reconciliation experience some VAs can efficiently and accurately carry out these tasks on your behalf, saving you valuable time and possible headache!


If you ever have difficulties putting pen to paper, or stare at a blank screen wondering what to write VAs and freelance writers can help.  In fact any writing, including report writing, creating press releases, blogging, and fictional writing can be done by an experienced VA.

Event Planning

From a corporate event to a personal party, VAs can plan, organise and manage any sized occasion, including liaising with all others providing services, such as a DJ or cake maker.

Web Design

Whether you need a new website or updates to your existing site, VAs can help with advice, or with making the changes for you.

Call Handling

Too busy to handle all of your calls?  Running a campaign or just taking a break and going on a well deserved holiday?  Consider handing your calls off to a VA so that you can get on with the important stuff.

Personal Assistance

Ever feel like you need an extra hand for all of those little tasks that you never seem to get around to doing? Use a VA for such tasks like venue/hotel/travel bookings, research, booking personal appointments or business meetings, following up on business leads, making and receiving calls, and sending and responding to emails.

Project Management

VAs can support you in all stages of project management, whether it be the planning, research, data collection, data analysis, and implementation.




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